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Spain is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. Hundreds of expats choose to relocate to Spain and for a good reason. The country is blessed with many things that make it simply irresistible for many; this includes the seaside, warmer climate, and other attractions. With millions of tourists flocking the country each year, there is a reason you too should consider going to Spain for your vacation. Here are ten reasons:

The Beautiful Spanish Beaches

Spain is blessed with dozens of beautiful beaches. This gives you a chance to bask in the sun in the sun, swim in the ocean, and indulge in many other activities on the beach. Surrounded by waters all around, you won’t be able to exhaust all the beautiful beaches the country has to offer. You could also choose to have a hotel room or live just beside the beaches.

Breath Taking Landscapes

You don’t have to spend the rest of your vacation on the beaches and the oceans, Spain is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes you can ever see. The sunny countryside will give you more than one reason to want to go for a hike.

Island Life

Spain is part of 7 large and smaller islands. If you have been yearning to enjoy life on an island, you could then choose to visit both the large and smaller islands in the country. All you’ll need is a tour guide who understands the beauty of these islands, and just the perfect spot to go to.

The Food

There is plenty of good food to enjoy here. Some of the popular dishes’ tourists enjoy hear include Jamon and tapas among many others. The best thing about coming to Spain is that food is available almost everywhere, as well as in the local markets. Locals here are incredibly friendly and can help you find the best foods to try.

Thrilling Traditional Festivals

Party life is a norm among Spanish people. Unlike other parties you might have attended, parties here are at their level of weird; these range from stomping on tomatoes bare-footed to burning giant papier Mache statues. Daredevils can even enjoy being carried in open coffins.

Rooftop bar Experiences

Although you might have the same experience on top of your home, you’d have to deal with many things, including bad weather. This isn’t, however, the case with rooftop bars here. There are plenty of rooftop bars in Madrid and other cities around Spain and you can also experience this in the Albufeira nightlife. Be ready to be wowed at the experiences under clear, beautiful skies and the sunny weather during the day.

Streets of Paradise

If you’ve never been to Madrid or any other city in Spain, you’ll then be surprised and amazed at the beautiful city streets here. These streets are filled with character and many aspects to love. Be sure to bring your camera when you come.

Historical Buildings

Spain is home to some of the top-rated historical attractions and buildings in the world. These include Granada’s Alhambra, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the 5 San Lorenzo de El Escorial, and Madrid’s Prado Museum. There are plenty of other fascinating historical sites to see here in Spain.

Bask in the Sun

The beautiful warm weather here is one of the reasons many people across Europe prefer coming to Spain for their vacations, with some choosing to relocate here altogether. Winters here still enjoy a dose of sunshine, and so are summers. The hot summers are however accommodating considering the cool ocean waves.

Magical and Breath-taking Sunsets

This is considered one of the best sunny destinations you can choose for your vacation. In addition to the sunny side of the country, you also get to watch magical sunsets here. Visit Barcelona and Madrid for the most breath-taking sunsets.

Post Author: Marta Boettcher