Day: February 22, 2020

Why Are More U.S. CEOs South Asians than East Asians?

In just the past 3 months, executives with Indian heritages have been declared as the new CEOs of Alphabet, IBM, and WeWork.

The appointments were being noteworthy for the reason that Asians have historically been underrepresented in management positions in the United States, inspite of getting on typical far better-educated and wealthier than other ethnic groups. The perplexing phenomenon is acknowledged as the “bamboo ceiling.”

But all those 3 CEO appointments underscore new conclusions by researchers from MIT Sloan School of Management, Columbia Business enterprise School, and the University of Michigan.

That is, although there are 1.six times as several East Asians (e.g., all those from China and Japan) as South Asians (from India and Pakistan) in the United States, significantly much more of the latter are chief executives at outstanding U.S. businesses.

That management attainment hole applies for both international-born and U.S.-born Asians, which controls for English fluency. In

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