Day: May 15, 2020

Sophos Patch for Critical VPN Bug Was Fresh Manna for Hackers

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Tricky-coded credentials, pre-auth RCE as root…

The patch for a crucial bug in Cyberoam’s firewall appliances – a bug which could have allow an attacker achieve simple root accessibility to hundreds of countless numbers of exposed servers, then piggy-back on them into company intranets – failed to absolutely mitigate the key safety flaw, and finally delivered an even extra trustworthy vector for assault that required no authentication in any way.

That is in accordance to a new report observed by Pc Organization Critique this week and released by VPNmentor today. It specifics how an attacker could bypass Cyberoam owner Sophos’ September 2019 regex-centered hotfix by encoding a prior pre-authentication remote code execution (RCE) command by Base64 and wrapping it in a Linux bash command for root accessibility.

This developed an even “more adaptable exploit… was really trustworthy and fairly straightforward to exploit”. A hacker abusing it could

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