Day: June 6, 2020

“We Want a Chinese Firewall Too”

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“An motion program for a digital cloud”

A plan paper for the European Parliament phone calls on Europe to build a “European Internet” that “like the Chinese firewall… would block off companies that condone or aid illegal conduct from third occasion nations.”

The startlingly intolerant and clumsy proposal arrives in a paper [pdf] composed by Hamburg-centered consultancy Future Candy for the Plan Section for Financial, Scientific and Good quality of Lifestyle Policies at the ask for of the committee on the Inside Market and Buyer Protection (stay with us).

It recommends steps for the parliament forward of the Electronic Products and services Act (DSA) proposed laws intended to “reinforce the solitary industry for digital services”. (In short, the DSA usually takes aim at the dominance of “large on the web platforms acting as gatekeepers”. Understand much more about it in this article).

The paper was revealed in

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