Day: September 10, 2020

Reshaping the CFO Role – CFO

Surveys performed right before and throughout the pandemic show the coronavirus disaster could be reshaping the job of the CFO, with senior finance executives shifting their concentration to crafting strategy and producing business value.

CFO Investigate (portion of Argyle Advisory and Investigate Expert services) and Grant Thornton surveyed 631 CFOs and other senior finance executives in February, then adopted up with a study of 174 CFOs and senior finance executives in May well, to gauge the consequences of the COVID-19 upheaval.

Other than the changing concentration of CFOs, the surveys revealed widescale delays for innovation tasks, a renewed appreciation for business strategy techniques, cybersecurity price raises, and like for innovative analytics and synthetic intelligence.

Roles and Tasks

The February and May well surveys showed that the job of the CFO shifted when the pandemic hit. In both of those surveys, the executives ended up requested how considerably of CFOs’ time

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