Day: April 10, 2021

Atos Annual General Meeting to be held on May 12, 2021 behind closed doors

Paris, April seven, 2021

In the ongoing context of the wellbeing crisis thanks to the Covid-19 epidemic and in accordance with the emergency steps adopted by the French Federal government to cut down the unfold of Covid-19, the Board of Administrators of Atos SE, all through its meetings held on March 25 and 31, 2021, convened the Annual Normal Assembly of the Firm on May perhaps twelve, 2021 and decided to hold the meeting at the rear of shut doors.

In accordance with the French authorities steps, the Annual Normal Assembly will be held at the firm registered workplaces, without the physical presence of shareholders, on Wednesday, May perhaps twelve, 2021 at two p.m. (Paris time).

This conclusion is built in accordance with the provisions of (i) ordinance no. 2020-321 of March 25, 2020 prolonged and amended by ordinance no. 2020-1497 of December two, 2020, (ii) decree no. 2020-418 of

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