Day: June 1, 2021

Centre allows standalone ethanol units

In an effort to stimulate ethanol production in the region, the Centre has amended the Sugarcane (Regulate) Get, 1966 by allowing for the environment up of a device exclusively to deliver ethanol.

In the amendment gazetted on Monday, the Centre has amended the provisions which had until now not permitted immediate production of ethanol from sugarcane. Until eventually now, ethanol can only be made from sugar juice or from molasses, a byproduct in the sugar manufacturing course of action. Mills normally crush cane with a total fermentable sugars (TFS) information of about fourteen for each cent. Normally, one particular tonne of cane yields one hundred fifteen kg of sugar, if the restoration is eleven.five for each cent, and 45 kg of molasses that can aid deliver ten.eight litres of ethanol. But mills can ferment the cane juice to deliver 840 kg of ethanol but no sugar will be derived.


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