Day: June 27, 2021

CFOs Being Cautious With Balance-Sheet Cash

The U.S. financial rebound has boosted numerous U.S. companies’ hard cash and shorter-term investment decision holdings.

The Affiliation for Monetary Professionals’ survey of 327 corporate treasury and finance industry experts located that 47% noted an improve in their organizations’ hard cash and shorter-term investments. That improve is around the twelve months ending March 2021, and it is 16 percentage details than the 31% noted final calendar year.

Factors that had a important or some influence on the improve were enhanced working hard cash circulation (71%), pandemic setting up and contingencies (72%), decreased cash expenditures (66%), accessed cash markets (forty four%), and federal government stimulus (forty four%).

Nonetheless, a important chunk of finance industry experts (39%) claimed hard cash and shorter-term investment decision holdings fell in the final twelve months, mainly due to the pandemic’s influence (sixty four%), decreased working hard cash circulation (forty five%), paid back again or retired debt

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