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Investing: What’s age got to do with it?

Although copycats usually get a lousy name, sometimes it’s practical to duplicate someone else’s design. This is even legitimate in investing. For our How The united states Invests report, we researched 5 million customer households to see how unique traders behave. We figured out a lot about investing behavior—and observed some surprises.

Of particular interest were the dissimilarities in investing throughout generations. Soon after learning millennial, Generation X, little one-increase, and silent era shoppers, we uncovered some noteworthy traits associated to asset allocation—and observed some investing practices you could want to duplicate.

Age-based mostly equity allocations amongst Vanguard retail traders

Vanguard retail households (taxable accounts and/or IRAs) as of December 31, 2019

How does age relate to asset allocation?

What does it signify to begin with the suitable asset allocation?

In common, younger traders can consider on a lot more expense risk due to the fact they have a lot

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