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How growing fodder is helping some farmers in Maharashtra?

Farmers of Balawadi village in Maharashtra’s Sangli district are actively hoping to enrich their revenue by experimenting in fodder cultivation, even as the Centre has released many techniques to double farmers’ revenue by 2022,

“The Countrywide Commission on Farmers has insisted that there is a need for various sources of revenue to augment farmers’ revenue. For earlier a lot of yrs we have been doing the job on fodder farming model in drought-vulnerable parts of Sangli district and the experiment is attaining momentum,” stated farmer activist Sampatrao Pawar.

This calendar year farmers in Balawadi have planted maize on 10 acres of land as a very first move to generate a fodder bank. They will be cultivating fodder in about 25 hectares to cater to the need of farmers in Khanapur taluka (block).

Pawar says that the earlier experiments have yielded very good success. More than the last five yrs, fodder

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