Ensuring business continuity during challenging times


Tim Buckley: Greg, a single of the inquiries that we’ve been having from our customers is what are we carrying out around company continuity? What methods have we taken to make certain that no matter of how extended the coronavirus goes on regards to how serious it receives that we can carry on to continue to keep the functions heading? And now to our viewers out there, if you appear at the rear of me, what you’re searching at is a single of our investing floors. Commonly you’d see it densely populated. That doesn’t necessarily mean that folks are not working out there when you just see folks, each other desk or each 3rd desk. It means that we’ve distanced them effectively, and I should really by the way mentioned that you are going to recognize a Greg and I are sitting down apart here. We’re trying to apply social distancing and everything that we do. Further than, social distancing, what are you fellas carrying out? What methods have you taken to make certain this operation proceeds? How have you distributed your workforce?

Greg Davis: So it starts off truly with the simple fact that hey, it’s a world operation so we have investing places in the US, investing places in the British isles as nicely as Melbourne, Australia. And in addition to those people world investing places, we also have contingency websites that we’re leveraging suitable now in each and every a single of those people places. So we have our workforce split up among our principal hubs and those people contingency websites, and we’ve even ready for the simple fact that if we require to, our folks could trade from dwelling. So we’ve set up the technological innovation, we’ve analyzed the technique, so we could have company as standard, even in a serious party.

Tim: And investing from dwelling is not anything you are heading to bounce to. I necessarily mean you fellas love the collaboration that happens on the flooring even when folks are unfold out. It is just significantly much easier to come about there. That mentioned, if we have to go there, we completely prepared to do it.

Greg: Certainly.

Tim: Safety is heading to be the exact same completely irrespective of whether if someone’s at dwelling as it’s heading to be the exact same if we’re investing from dwelling, as if you’re investing from here.

Greg: Certainly.

Tim: Now, I should really point out Greg that the rest of Vanguard’s functions, irrespective of whether they’re chatting to an associate at Vanguard, whatsoever location of Vanguard is supporting the consumer, those people locations have been distributed much too. That we have taken methods to move associates apart. Going among various properties. Men and women are working from dwelling. They are distributed among our websites as nicely so. We’re using the methods to make certain that we carry on company as standard here or as close to as standard as achievable

Greg: Certainly.