September 27, 2023

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How Can Modern Real Estate Agents Use QR Codes in Real Estate Marketing?

QR codes have passed yet again in real estate marketing, another breakthrough. As a result, how can tech-savvy agents integrate QR codes in real estate transaction records?

According to a Statista estimate, in 2020, 11 million US homes will recognize and read QR codes. As a result, QR codes have achieved yet another achievement in the digital marketing business. Given that QR codes can significantly benefit real estate agencies, how did these black and checkered boxes gain momentum in the real estate market?

The Relationship between QR Codes And Real Estate Today

Realtors struggled to sell their houses to new owners long before QR codes were introduced into the real estate sector. Real estate brokers must prepare more paperwork than other business enterprises, so they must apply new approaches to automate their real estate operations.

As technology advances, a new breed of the realtor has developed, known as tech-savvy real estate agents. Because digital marketers provide QR codes as a way to automate their marketing process, modern agents use digital tools to market properties being listed in their agencies,

In 2014, the QR code and real estate began to circulate real estate properties. Since then, tech-savvy real estate brokers have discovered efficient methods to include QR codes in their real estate marketing by using a QR code generator online.

The technological approach to real estate marketing

In the last eight years, modern real estate brokers have used QR codes to generate sales leads and automate their advertising efforts without spending more money on other resources and materials. Real estate agents can combine traditional real estate marketing with QR codes in the six ways listed below to generate more leads and sell more properties.

Combine traditional real estate marketing methods with cutting-edge technologies

One of the reasons that tech-savvy real estate agents can mix work and play is because they combine old marketing methods and new technologies into a single campaign. The instrument they can use to accomplish this is QR code technology. As a result, they may entertain more clients at their leisure. They can produce the following solutions with this merger.

QR code for ad page

Posting properties on business ad pages is the quickest approach to selling them. This allows real estate brokers to obtain more customers and queries. However, for the tech-savvy agents, placing an ad in newspapers and brochures may not be sufficient to generate additional inquiries. As a result, tech-savvy brokers can incorporate the usage of QR codes in advertising their properties in print. Because it can contain more information than traditional paper advertising, it may provide its buyers with a sneak look at the property through its design description on its new website.

QR code for property location

When customers wish to see the property in person, they always ask the agents for directions. However, because some of them are not from the area where the home is located, giving them a verbal direction to the location is can be inconvenient. One of the most acceptable ways for tech-savvy agents to direct their consumers to the real estate property they want to see is to use QR codes. Because QR codes can integrate data from Google Maps, these realtors can embed the URL of the property’s location into the QR code. 

Aside from using Google Maps to lead prospects to the location of the building or property, they can also incorporate the use of a PDF QR code to store a PDF copy of the map of the listed real estate. This is useful for modern real estate agents that sell units in a newly developed village or subdivision. 

QR code on a business card

Traditional realtors distribute business cards that contain all of their contact information on a single small piece of paper. Modern agents employ its electronic equivalent because wordy content may distract customers from looking at their business cards. However, because sharing Vcards takes time, a business card QR code might allow them to pass out their simple business card to their clients.


Traditional real estate marketing is an excellent approach that realties can use. But as they become obsolete in the internet age, it is essential to upgrade the ways their real estate agents market the real estate listed in their agencies. As a result, realtors are improving their real estate marketing strategies. One of the methods that can assist them is using QR codes. Realtors are becoming more modern and incorporating technology into their current real estate marketing strategy with the help of the QR code generator software online.

In a game where the best approach always wins, using QR codes can be the best tactic realtors can have to capture the hearts of their customers.