Our Tips for Making a Simple and Beautiful CV

Since recruiters only take a few seconds on each curriculum vitae for an initial screening, it is essential to submit a simple but appealing CV if you want them to go further into your whole job application. You can find here our best tips for building a sober and beautiful resume.

Opt for Uncluttered Graphics for your CV

Choosing a simple layout brings out the content of a CV. We recommend you to use geometric shapes like horizontal or vertical lines, bullets, frames or a background frame. But you have to choose and limit yourself to one or two elements. For example, you can separate each section of your CV with a horizontal line. Place the title of your CV, your name, number, email and your tagline in a box. Or, use chips for each professional experience. It should not be too heavy. The recruiter must find the whole CV form fluid and subtle. Do not be afraid to leave blank if you have little experience, it will be a handicap for your application. For your convenience, make a CV with CV maker online.

Do not Use too many Colors on your CV

To embellish their curriculum vitae, many job seekers tend to add not only one but many colors, either for the police or for the frame. Know that it is a bad idea! Even you can use one or two additional colors to black, sobriety remain the key. For example, dark brown and dark blue are acceptable but it should not be overused. Choosing a color can be a good idea, but you still have to make sure it is a readable one when you apply it on the font and consistent with the target position. It means that you should avoid yellow, red, orange, pink, etc. To avoid candidates from making bad choices, some specialists bluntly advise against coloring a CV. Black remains a key value.

Avoid Logos on your CV

It is true that inserting the icons of software you master, or the logos of the companies where you worked in the past can be tempting. However, it is a bit risky. Because the use of a logo is supposed to be subject to authorization from the brand concerned. Some ill-intentioned recruiters could therefore jump at the chance to put you in difficulty during the interview. In addition, all of its random colors and shapes can weigh down your resume or ruin its sobriety.