Arjun Indo Agro Oils to open a 50,000 tonnes capacity refinery in Angre Port

Arjun Indo Agro Oils Ltd, the edible-oil earning subsidiary of Kolhapur-centered Arjun Refineries, will open an edible oil refining and packaging facility at Angre port in Jaigad located in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district. It designs to tap into a prospective thrown up by the modern Central federal government ban on import of refined palm oil, focusing on prime suppliers Indonesia and Malaysia.

Arjun Indo Agro Oils will lease 5 acres of industrial backup land from the Chowgule Group-promoted Angre Port Pvt Ltd, which runs the Angre port, for thirty a long time to construct the refinery and packaging device with an financial investment of ₹30 crore, Santosh Vasant Shinde, the founder and owner of Arjun Indo Agro Oils informed BusinessLine.

The facility will have a capacity of fifty,000 tonnes for each calendar year and would be ramped up to 100,000 tonnes in Stage Two. It will also make refined soya

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