‘Agricultural work should be part of MGNREGA’

When the UPA govt rolled out Mahatma Gandhi Countrywide Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) Scheme, it was the lower-profile math professor from Vaishali in Bihar, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, as Rural Affairs Minister who implemented the flagship programme. Now that MGNREGA and its city counterpart is staying ever more reviewed as portion of the economic reduction in particular to the city bad and the migrants, Singh advised BusinessLine in an interview that any govt scheme is as only efficient as the local community participation. And participatory governance is not a hallmark of the present dispensation. Excerpts:

The Govt now seeks to handle the migrant employees crisis via MGNREGS would you say it is a move in the suitable path.

We developed MGNREGA as a demand-pushed scheme which was rolled out strictly via the Gram Sabhas and the Panchayati Raj system which decided on the beneficiaries. The performs underneath MGNREGA such as

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