More money is needed for hospitals to care for COVID-19 patients, AHA and ANA tell Congress

Hospitals need to have more fiscal assist to financially endure while dealing with sufferers with COVID-19, the American Hospital Association and American Nurses Association explained to Residence and Senate leaders in a letter produced now.

The AHA and ANA are asking Congress to supply more funding to the authentic $100 billion the Coronavirus Help, Aid, and Economic Protection Act Act invested into the General public Health and Social Companies Emergency Fund to address service provider expenditures relevant to COVID-19. The funds went to greater expenditures for individual protecting devices, greater surge potential, more healthcare vendors and dropped profits.

WHY THIS Matters

A lot more cash is needed, specifically because all hospitals been given $50 billion and not the comprehensive $100 billion of the authentic CARES Act funding. The remaining $50 billion went to targeted funding to goal COVID-19 sizzling spots, rural hospitals, Indian Health Support amenities, and, in a sticking

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