Atos opens up a new path to quantum annealing simulation

Paris, 7 July 2020

Atos, a worldwide chief in electronic transformation, announces the development of a new Quantum Annealing Simulator, as a result starting to be the world’s first organization to present impressive simulation options to discover the two primary technological paths of quantum computing: quantum annealing, by means of its new remedy, and common gate quantum computing, by means of its current Atos Quantum Learning Equipment providing (Atos QLM). Atos’ Quantum Annealing Simulator will be suitable with the Atos Quantum Learning Equipment, providing consumers the finest of both worlds even though enabling them to swap quantum strategies based on their particular wants.

While common gate model quantum computing provides a broader range of alternatives than quantum annealing, it relies on qubits which are presently really susceptible to mistake. Quantum Annealing, currently being fewer impacted by sounds, provides us nearer to affordable quantum purposes and gives an exceptional way of

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