Take as much holiday as you like, City broker tells staff

A City of London broker will allow its employees to take as many holidays as they want in a bid to prevent staff burnout.

FinnCap, which specialises in companies on London’s junior Aim market, will offer unlimited paid breaks to its 155 staff from next year.

The chief executive, Sam Smith, told Bloomberg that the firm’s investment bankers, salespeople and other employees will be required to take a minimum of at least four weeks off a year and two or three days every three months. 

She said: “There’s not a maximum, there’s a minimum you must take. The rest is up to you.” 

It comes as firms look to keep staff on side following an unprecedented period of activity for capital markets during the pandemic. 

That has taken its toll on the health of finance workers, with junior staff in particular reporting burnout after working extremely long hours. 

In March,

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