Low-pressure area holds firm, signals more rain for East India

The highlight of Friday morning’s weather conditions is the minimal-tension spot that retains by itself together even two times following India Meteorological Department (IMD) expected it to weaken, and which is located currently over East Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, piloting rains over East and North-East India.

The minimal-tension spot appears to be to draw power from the overarching monsoon trough lying prolonged from, and cutting across by itself, to Bikaner, Churu, Bareilly, East Uttar Pradesh and adjoining Bihar, Malda and thence, eastwards to Manipur across Bangladesh and South Assam.

Common rain for East India

The minimal is expected to move east-north-eastwards even further into East and North-East India until eventually Saturday. Apart from the monsoon trough as cited over, the minimal has thrown open yet another trough originating from it west-south-westwards to Madhya Maharashtra on Friday morning.

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