Economic downturn may be deep, sharp, and short-lived


Tim Buckley: John, as you know, our shoppers appreciate listening to from Joe Davis, our world wide chief economist. But they only listen to the surface area of his outlook. You get his complete in-depth analysis and you get to debate it with his workforce. So give us a window into that. What do you fellas do? What is your outlook correct now and how are you putting it in motion with our money?

John Hollyer: Of course, Tim, at the highest degree, operating with Joe, we’ve gotten his team’s insights that this is most likely to be a really deep and really sharp downturn—really, traditionally massive. But also, that it is most likely to be rather shorter-lived. And that will be as the economy reopens and importantly as the benefits of fiscal and monetary stimulus bolster the economy, effectively constructing a bridge across that deep, shorter

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