How sugarcane farmers profit from IFFCO Kisan tech-infused practices

Kalyan Singh, 40, a supervisor at a 4.5-acre farm in Sikandari village in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, switched off the electrical power wondering how the water pump started out quickly. Later he realised that anyone sitting down in Delhi, a length of 130 km from his place, operated the pump.

It is an IoT-dependent automated drip technique in which the pump is managed remotely working with a ordinary 2-G connection by means of an application and h2o movement is controlled as per the requirement of the soil. There are also soil sensors equipped on the floor linked with the app which empower the user to retain keep track of of soil conditions and nutrient deficiency. 

Quickly, Singh began to working experience know-how-driven farming and in less than two years, he realised its significance. oHe has now started motivating other people to undertake it. BThough farmers in the village are

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