Elon Musk’s latest: Meet a group of pigs with ‘mind-reading brain implants’

Just when you believed the 12 months 2020 could not get considerably weirder, billionaire Elon Musk has released a team of pigs with brain-examining brain implants.

During an party Friday afternoon at Neuralink’s headquarters in Fremont, California, Musk located himself hanging out with a passel of Yucatan swine. Many of them had beforehand undergone a surgical process in which a robot placed the hottest version of Neuralink’s computing implant into their brains. As a result, the brain action of these increased porkers could be transmitted wirelessly to a close by personal computer, enabling onlookers at the party to watch the animals’ neurons fire as veterinarians stroked their snouts.

Musk spoke enthusiastically at the party about the potential for the know-how to handle brain injuries and other disorders. “The neurons are like wiring, and you form of want an electronic factor to solve an electronic trouble,” he explained.

During the presentation,

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