Best of BS Opinion: What lessons can India learn from a buffalo race

A building worker in rural Karnataka seemingly outperformed Usain Bolt’s one hundred m history. Pranjul Bhandari reveals below how this (contested) accomplishment may possibly keep lessons for higher development in India. In other belief, writers study how to reform GST, the company sector’s apolitical stance, Sebi’s new rules for expenditure advisors and the draft pesticides Bill. Kanika Datta sums up the views.

The rushed implementation of the Items and Products and services Tax has been a vital rationale for the slowdown in financial development. Naushad Forbes clarifies how we will have to simplify, decrease and make GST comprehensive to fulfil its assure. Go through it below

My column reveals how the unparalleled political mobilisation of modern society is forcing corporations out of their default apolitical stance.

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The major edit clarifies why the stockmarket regulator’s restrictions on expenditure advisors may possibly not address the core situation of mis-promoting.

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