A ‘Glut’ of High-Growth Companies Is Driving An IPO Market Reset

Unicorn firms have developed from a exceptional occurrence to the new usual about the last 10 years. This has had a ripple effect on the funds marketplaces, initially ensuing in a lull in the IPO marketplace as firms chose to continue to be personal extended. This pipeline of personal firms became crammed with a stampede of unicorns and decacorns (firms truly worth at least $10 billion) which eventually designed the shift to go community with document-breaking IPO  activity. Now, we are viewing a shift as the timeline to go community shortens.

The Work Act, enacted in 2012, was supposed to make it less difficult for firms to go community by developing the rising growth organization (EGC) designation. However, it rather finished up developing an avenue for firms to continue to be personal extended.

Barrett Daniels

That was because of to 1 of the much less-mentioned variations in the Work Act

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