Best of BS Opinion: GST collection, India’s telecom crisis, and more

According to an estimate by a international brokerage, India’s gross domestic products expansion could be impacted by .twenty for each cent in the March quarter mainly because of coronavirus. The Indian economy is battling a intense slowdown and the spread of coronavirus could impact the odds of restoration.

Slower than anticipated expansion will also impact authorities finances.

Organization Normal Belief items for the working day communicate about authorities finances in the context of GST, along with other policy concerns.

It is vital to realise that the idea of compensating states for 14 for each cent expansion in GST collection was unrealistic from the starting, argues our guide editorial.

An implosion of the telecom sector with economy-broad ramifications is the past point India needs ideal now, writes previous TRAI chairman Rahul Khullar.

The blended influence of a comparatively stable or tending-to-increase unemployment rate and a falling labour participation rate indicates that

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