Life, work and the pursuit of happiness

It has been identified as the Terrific Resignation. Beneath the data about people today quitting their positions as the coronavirus pandemic eases operate some acquainted stories. Men and women are fed up and burnt out. Freed from the every day grind, they are also out to obtain happiness and fulfilment in new careers.

“With all the added stress of going to the office environment, it’s a take care of for myself to do specifically what I want to do. Now I truly have to fulfil my resourceful passion,” Lisa McDonough instructed the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, following quitting her career as a gallery manager to commence a shoe small business.

Equally, Jennifer Kidson enthused to the Toronto Star about her change from communications to movie enhancing: “Had the pandemic not took place, I may well have ongoing to make excuses in my head and claimed, ‘Oh, I can

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